Soluble Oat Extracts Improve Glucose Response in Hypocholesterolemic Men and Women


The purpose of the study was to determine whether moderate amounts of oat beta-glucan could be incorporated into typical diets while helping patients effect risk factors associated with heart disease and diabetes. Researchers measured the impact of oat beta-glucans on blood glucose and insulin responses. Both men and women test subjects were used. Ages 38-61 qualified for the study. The participants had normal diets with moderately high cholesterol. One focus of the study was to determine whether practical levels of oat beta-glucans could be introduced and still realize any health effect. This was important since it would be pointless to prove impractical amounts of oat beta-glucan made a difference. Put another way, can people really benefit from oats using an amoutn realistic for them to eat?


Georgetown University Medical School/U.S. Department of Agriculture Human Studies Committe


American Journal of Clinical Nutrition


Judith Hallfrisch, Daniel J Scholfield, and Kay M. Behall


Seven men and sixteen women were used for the research. Participants graduated their diet from typical in week 1, to a cross-over design (week 5) which included an oat extract, containing 10% beta-glucan. Oat extracts were used in baked goods, canned fruits, juices, yogurt, puddng, meatloaf, and soups. Beta-glucan concentrated was used in the food to replace fats and carbohydrates. One group was fed a diet containing a 1% beta-glucan concentrate. While others took the 10% beta-glucan concentrate.


Both the male and female participants experienced lower glucose respones after taking the oat beta-glucan extract. Participants who took the 10% beta-glucan concentrate experienced the greatest difference. The study results illustrated how even modest amounts of oat extracts can be beneficial to glucose tolerance.


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