How Do Nutrim Oat Beta Glucans Work?

About Nutrim

The interesting thing about Nutrim is how straightforward it really is. Oats help lower cholesterol. Specifically, Nutrim's oat beta-glucans bind to some of the cholesterol in your diet, and carry it out. Its really that simple. It also helps carry out cholesterol from the body through bile, the main way our body gets rid of excess cholesterol. Oat beta glucans have been clinically proven to play a significant when it comes to lowering cholesterol. For over 60 years, clinical research has shown oats and oat bran can help lower cholesterol.

Nutrim's beta-glucans also remove some of the cholesterol-producing fats, such as saturated fat and trans fat, before they ever reach the blood stream. Another way beta glucans are believed to lower cholesterol is through the production of cholesterol blocking chemicals that are produced when good bacteria break them down. That means there are 4 ways Nutrim can affect cholesterol.

Nutrim is made from 100% oat bran. Unlike oats from the grocery store, Nutrim concentrates the most powerful part oat bran, beta-glucans. Beta-glucans are the soluble (water-friendly) portion of oat bran. Because beta-glucans mix so well in solution, they can be added to all types of foods and beverages, like juices or sauces.

Remove Cholesterol from the Body Naturally

Nutrim uses the beta-glucans to bind to fat in the intestines. Nutrim carries the fat out of your body. That way it keeps the fat from reaching your liver. As a result, Nutrim helps prevent your liver producing cholesterol. By lowering the amount of cholesterol your liver produces, less artery-clogging, "bad cholesterol" reaches your blood stream.

Get More Heart-Healthy Beta-Glucans

If you can limit your fat intake, you can dramatically impact your cholesterol. Eating whole grain products, like oat bran, would also help. But how do you get enough to play an active role in your diet?

Nutrim solves the impossible task of finding ways to eat enough oat bran beta-glucans to maintain low cholesterol levels. Nutrim can help in both the short and long-term.

Best Oats to Lower Cholesterol

Normally, you'd try to lower your cholesterol by getting more oats. Eating more oatmeal is one way you could get more oats. You may even try cereals, or other whole grain products. Nutrim allows you to take it a step further. You can now put oat beta-glucans to work by incorporating it in your meals, one way or another. You could use Nutrim to replace the fat in butter in one meal. You could add it to your skim milk for another meal.

More Cholesterol-Lowering Beta-Glucans, Not Just Oats

For centuries oats have been a staple in our diets. Scientists overlooked oat bran for years because people easily get tired of the taste of oats. Nutrim's processing was developed by Dr. Inglett at the USDA. It created a way to easily incorporate the benefits of oats into any food or beverage. This process not only made oat beta glucans easier to add to everyday foods, but it's processing also unleashes the most beneficial portion of the oats, the beta glucans, making them more accessible to the body.

Help Reduce Cholesterol Where it Starts

The best way to lower your cholesterol score is to stop cholesterol from getting into the body, at the same time helping remove cholesterol already there. Adding Nutrim oat beta glucans to your Therapeutic Lifestyle Changes will help you stay on track to lowering your cholesterol naturally. Learn more about working with your doctor and using Nutrim to enhance your doctor's recommendations.

5 Ways Oats lower cholesterol

  1. Oats help remove cholesterol from the diet
  2. Oats help remove saturated fat from the diet
  3. Oats bind to bile (cholesterol garbage bag) and remove it from the body
  4. Oat beta glucans are broken down into cholesterol fighting substances by good bacteria
  5. Nutrim oats can be used to replace fats that raise cholesterol levels
Click here to learn more about working with your doctor while using Nutrim.

Real Life Success Stories

Nutrim works! John was able to lower his cholesterol from 240ml/dl to 190ml/dl after a month using Nutrim. You can hear John's Nutrim Story here.


Nutrim® Oat ß-Glucan

Easily add the cholesterol lowering power of Oat ß-Glucans to any meal!

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    John Lowered is LDL Cholesterol 10% in 30 Days Using His Diet

    John went from an LDL score of 240 to 190 in 4 about weeks. Find out what we did. Even see the before & after scores!

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    Oat Bran Beta-Glucan Video Recipes

    Watch how we use Nutrim & every day foods to help lower cholesterol

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    "I began using Nutrim because I heard it helped with cholesterol. Each time I've gone to the doctor since I began using Nutrim, my cholesterol has gone down a few points. Before using Nutrim, my doctor said my cholesterol was close to needing management by medication. But I've never had to take medication since I began incorporating Nutrim into my diet. I just sprinkle it on my breakfast cereal and mix it in yogurt and I never even notice a taste difference."

    Arlene L., Illinois (2007)

  • Guess what!? My cholesterol went from 248 to 195 my trig went from went from 146 to 142 my LDL went from 176 to 129 I have been using OatHealth for 30 days. I will keep taking the powder. thank you for your product...If I go to the gas station or in any store I ask anybody I start to talking to the big question, "HOW IS YOUR CHOLESTEROL?" Then I start to tell them about OATHEALTH and give them your web site. I even carry around my test scores to prove to them how great the product is. I am working for yyou here in Tacoma Washington . Thank you!

    --Eula P. (April 2010 via email)

  • My cholesterol was always in the 180s and then I hit menopause and it jumped to 244. I started on Nutrim, using it periodically but in the last 6 months got serious and dropped 30 points in 6 months. I drink it with juice- one cup of juice with one scoop per day in the morning. Only takes it once per day-I may try the chewable tablets for the second dose. I love it because it is so easy. I take it with juice, my vitamin and a banana. I swear by and now my doctor swears by it.

    --Debra R - November 2011

  • "I am new to Nutrim but like the way I can incorporate it into soup or smoothies with no change in flavor or texture. I have actually lost a few pounds because it seems to decrease my hunger. I have a high HDL (good cholesterol) and low LDL (bad cholesterol) but hope to lower total cholesterol which is a little high. Over all, I am very pleased with Nutrim and will continue to use it. The service was courteous and quick."

    Marilyn D. Whitehall, New York (2008)

  • "I've been using this product about 6 months - I go back to my doctor next month. I started using this for my cholesterol. I like the product because I can mix with anything."

    Sharon H. Poplar Grove, Illinois (2008)

  • "My blood pressure does seem to be lower overall and I do feel better."

    Phil S. Wichita, Kansas (2008)


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