Nutrim® is the 100% Natural Oat ß-Glucan Super-Food Developed by the USDA

Unleash the Power of Oats

Oats and oat beta glucans have been shown to lower cholesterol naturally in over 50 years of research. Nutrim®'s all natural, patented processing optimizes the most powerful portion of oats, the beta glucans. Nutrim® is rich in beta glucans and its all natural patented processing qualifies it for the FDA heart health claim. Nutrim® attacks cholesterol in multiple ways, giving your body a fighting chance to lower cholesterol naturally. Learn how Nutrim works by clicking here.

Nutrim® makes it easier to lower cholesterol naturally

Nutrim® was developed by a USDA Agricultural Research Service Hall of Fame scientist, Dr. George Inglett to make it easier to get the benefits of oats to help fight cholesterol. His patented process optimizes Nutrim®'s viscosity, which is believed to be the key to Nutrim®'s success. The specialized processing also creates a powder that is easy to mix and creates a luscious creamy texture for foods and beverages.

Nutrim Oat Bran Supplement

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Clinical research

Independent research on the components of Nutrim show a drop in total cholesterol
ranging from 9 to 11% after only 4


Nutrim science

Concentrating oat beta-glucans Dr. George Inglett invented a way to incorporate the cholesterol-lowering power of oats into every day food.



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Nutrim has helped so many, but you want a guarantee that it will work for you. We give you a full 90 day money back guarantee to make sure the product is exactly what you want. If you are not satified for any reason give us a call and receive a full, 100% money back guarantee.

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