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Nutrim is an oat bran powder developed by the USDA. It is created through a patented process that releases the oat beta glucan from the cell walls. Oat beta glucan's main benefit is helping to reduce cholesterol. Nutrim creates more opportunities to supplement the diet with cholesterol lowering oat beta glucans.

Nutrim helps you curb cravings for unhealthy foods. Meanwhile, the oat beta-glucans go to work flushing out cholesterol. It allows you earnestly block fat and lower cholesterol because it's so easy to use. It's a tasteless powder which can be used in either foods or beverages.

Oat Beta Glucan Powder

Nutrim provides a faster, taste-free way for you to get more heart healthy function out of your every day meals. Nutrim allows you to more effectively lower your cholesterol than you could using your standard diet alone. (See how John lowered is cholesterol almost 10% in 30 days using Nutrim)

To use Nutrim, you simply add 1 scoop twice per day to any food or drinks. For example, mix it in orange juice. You won't notice a taste difference.

Nutrim Unleashes Oat Bran's Healthy Component, Beta-Glucans

Nutrim uses a special process to make the oat beta-glucans more accessible. Oat fiber has two components, insoluble and soluble fiber. The soluble oat fiber, beta-glucan, has been clinically proven to help reduce cholesterol. The all natural processes leaves the oat beta-glucans behind in powder form. By releasing the oat beta-glucans from the cell wall, and putting them into powder form, the cholesterol lowering benefits can be mixed into healthy food you enjoy.

FDA Heart Health Claim

Nutrim was formulated by Dr. Inglett to meet the FDA's (United States Food and Drug Administration) criteria for the oat heart health claim. There are many different oat beta glucan powders on the market, but most do not qualify for the FDA heart health claim. Because of Nutrim's all natural process we are one of the only oat beta glucan powders to qualify for this claim.

Nutrim Allows You to Eat Healthy Foods You Enjoy

Nutrim is designed with taste in mind.

The very reason Nutrim was invented was to supplement any meal with oat beta-glucan benefits. Now you can get cholesterol-lowering benefits of whole grains in healthy foods you actually like to eat. As a tasteless powder, Nutrim doesn't add or subtract from the taste of food you add it to. You could even add it to water.

Using Science Originally Invented by the USDA

Researchers now realize oat bran has always helped lower cholesterol. All that was missing was a way to incorporate oats into more foods.

Finally, in 1998 the USDA came up with a solution, Nutrim. Dr. George Inglett invented a way to release the water-friendly (soluble) portion of oats, beta-glucans, from their cell wall. He came up with a process which would shear the beta-glucans from the oat bran cell wall. Once the process was complete, a powder was left behind. A fine powder allowed the cholesterol-lowering benefits of beta-glucans to be mixed into other non-oat foods.

Nutrim is All Natural

There's no synthetic science here! Nutrim is 100% oats. Nothing is added. Sometimes this makes it hard for people to understand, but its true. Nutrim's promise seems magical, but it's not. It's simply a USDA developed technology to naturally liberate the portion of the oat which helps flush out more cholesterol. Nutrim is designed to give you more of oat bran's beta-glucan benefits. Even better, it allows you to choose the delivery vehicle. You could choose to use it in a juice, a smoothie, or even in soup.

Nutrim adds Cholesterol-Lowering Capability to Everyday Foods

Before Nutrim, it was hard to get the cholesterol lowering benefits of oat beta glucans from anything but oats. You can imagine how putting oats in your pasta sauce would've been awful, but oat beta glucan powder can mix in without a change in taste. Today, there are actual recipes on how to make pasta sauce with Nutrim. You can't even tell Nutrim is even in it!

If you'd like to see Nutrim mix in food and drinks, click here for Oathealth's video recipe examples. We believe in Nutrim's science so much, we offer a 90-day, 100% money back guarantee just for giving it a try. Try Nutrim for 30-days. See if it works for you.


Nutrim® Oat ß-Glucan

Easily add the cholesterol lowering power of Oat ß-Glucans to any meal!

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    John Lowered is LDL Cholesterol 10% in 30 Days Using His Diet

    John went from an LDL score of 240 to 190 in 4 about weeks. Find out what we did. Even see the before & after scores!

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    Oat Bran Beta-Glucan Video Recipes

    Watch how we use Nutrim & every day foods to help lower cholesterol

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    "I began using Nutrim because I heard it helped with cholesterol. Each time I've gone to the doctor since I began using Nutrim, my cholesterol has gone down a few points. Before using Nutrim, my doctor said my cholesterol was close to needing management by medication. But I've never had to take medication since I began incorporating Nutrim into my diet. I just sprinkle it on my breakfast cereal and mix it in yogurt and I never even notice a taste difference."

    Arlene L., Illinois (2007)

  • Guess what!? My cholesterol went from 248 to 195 my trig went from went from 146 to 142 my LDL went from 176 to 129 I have been using OatHealth for 30 days. I will keep taking the powder. thank you for your product...If I go to the gas station or in any store I ask anybody I start to talking to the big question, "HOW IS YOUR CHOLESTEROL?" Then I start to tell them about OATHEALTH and give them your web site. I even carry around my test scores to prove to them how great the product is. I am working for yyou here in Tacoma Washington . Thank you!

    --Eula P. (April 2010 via email)

  • My cholesterol was always in the 180s and then I hit menopause and it jumped to 244. I started on Nutrim, using it periodically but in the last 6 months got serious and dropped 30 points in 6 months. I drink it with juice- one cup of juice with one scoop per day in the morning. Only takes it once per day-I may try the chewable tablets for the second dose. I love it because it is so easy. I take it with juice, my vitamin and a banana. I swear by and now my doctor swears by it.

    --Debra R - November 2011

  • "I am new to Nutrim but like the way I can incorporate it into soup or smoothies with no change in flavor or texture. I have actually lost a few pounds because it seems to decrease my hunger. I have a high HDL (good cholesterol) and low LDL (bad cholesterol) but hope to lower total cholesterol which is a little high. Over all, I am very pleased with Nutrim and will continue to use it. The service was courteous and quick."

    Marilyn D. Whitehall, New York (2008)

  • "I've been using this product about 6 months - I go back to my doctor next month. I started using this for my cholesterol. I like the product because I can mix with anything."

    Sharon H. Poplar Grove, Illinois (2008)

  • "My blood pressure does seem to be lower overall and I do feel better."

    Phil S. Wichita, Kansas (2008)


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Nutrim has helped so many, but you want a guarantee that it will work for you. We give you a full 90 day money back guarantee to make sure the product is exactly what you want. If you are not satified for any reason give us a call and receive a full, 100% money back guarantee.

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