Nutrim Customer Testimonials

Since every person is different, results will vary.

"I swear by and now my doctor swears by it."

"My cholesterol was always in the 180s and then I hit menopause and it jumped to 244. I started on Nutrim, using it periodically but in the last 6 months got serious and dropped 30 points in 6 months. I drink it with juice- one cup of juice with one scoop per day in the morning. Only takes it once per day-I may try the chewable tablets for the second dose. I love it because it is so easy. I take it with juice, my vitamin and a banana. I swear by and now my doctor swears by it. "

--Debra R - November 2011

"my LDL went from 114 to 87"

"My Total Cholesterol went from 222 to 197, and my LDL went from 114 to 87, my triglycerides went from 56 to 66 but they are still in normal range. I mix the Nutrim with my yogurt and scrambled eggs. I also have been eating grapefruit, drinking almond milk and have been exercising. My heart raced when I was on the statin drugs and I donít want to take them anymore."

--Judy P May, 2011

"I loved the taste of Nutrim"

"I loved the taste of Nutrim-I took it twice a day in my water bottle and really enjoyed it. My results were great: Total Cholesterol Before: 234 After: 154 LDL: 156 After: 75 HDL: 67 After: 63 Triglycerides: 124 After: 78 I also exercised and ate other cholesterol lowering foods like greek yogurt."

--Judy J March 2011

"Cholesterol Went from 248 to 195"

"Guess what!? My cholesterol went from 248 to 195 my trig went from went from 146 to 142 my LDL went from 176 to 129 I have been using OatHealth for 30 days. I will keep taking the powder. thank you for your product...If I go to the gas station or in any store I ask anybody I start to talking to the big question, "HOW IS YOUR CHOLESTEROL?" Then I start to tell them about OATHEALTH and give them your web site. I even carry around my test scores to prove to them how great the product is. I am working for yyou here in Tacoma Washington . Thank you!"

--Eula P. (April 2010 via email)

"I was so overjoyed that I cried"

"I have used this [Nutrim] faithfully twice a day and at my 3 month check up I thought sure I was only going to see a 10 point drop --- ARE YOU READY?....Total cholesterol from 303 to 260. HDL from 52 to 46. LDL from 209 to 190. Trig. from 210 to 118. I was so overjoyed that I cried. I cannot take statins and my doctor was very frustrated with me...They still are. They say my levels are not low enough and while I agree, I think this progress is significant for 3 months --- Not only am I a believer I am lifetime customer.
Now I did try to watch what I ate but not so much like a diet. I also mixed it with crystal light morning and night. "

--Cynthia C. (July 2009 via email)

"Total Cholesterol Was 293...It Went Down to 220. My LDL Went From 184 to 156"

"I'm happy with my results! My total cholesterol was 293 and it went down to 220. My LDL went from 184 to 156. I'm promoting your product where I work. I have placed two orders for my friends because I got such a good result. It's hard for nurses to believe me. It's even hard for me to believe. But, I'm so thankful for google search that lead me in your direction .Thank you Nutrim! "

--Doris J. (July 2009 via email)

"Changed My LDL By 18 Points and My Triglycerides By 17 points"

"I wanted you to know that my Dr. tried to put me on statins the beginning of this year. I found your product information and purchased. I just had my blood work done, and in 8 weeks, I have changed my LDL by 18 points and my triglycerides by 17 points. Overall decrease of 20 points in my cholesterol. Again, my Dr. tried to have me go on statins, but, I asked for 6 more weeks. It reduce it to the standard levels of acceptance. Thank you so much for this product, and I will continue to use it faithfully!"

--D. Patelli (2009 via live chat)

"50 Points Lower in 8 Weeks"

"Nutrim has saved my quality of life. 8 weeks ago had blood work and check up done. Results were Try-315, LDL- 175, Chol-312, after we looked and researched Nutrim gave it a try. 7 weeks later. Got the results today. Try-188, LDL-125, Chol-212. Can you believe it. My wife and I wanted to do everything healthy without any statins. The side effects are what interferes with the quality of life. Thank you Thank you Nutrim!"

--Landers (2009 via blog comment)

"64 Point Reduction...Could've Never Dont it Alone."

"I was informed of Nutrim from a coworker approximately 4 months ago. My Cholesterol has been high for multiple years and I was refusing to take any medications due to the side effects as heard from many others. During my previous checkup my Doctor informed me that my Cholesterol was at 242mg/dL and my LDL was 177mg/dL. He was insistent I started taking Medication right away, but I explained I was dieting and taking Nutrim. This was 3 months ago and I just received my new blood work results which are now 178mg/dL for Cholesterol and 128mg/dL for LDL. This is amazing to me as I could never get my Cholesterol down by dieting alone. I just really want to thank you for selling a true product!"

--Bob R. (Customer Since 2009)

"49 Point Drop in 9 Weeks...After Trying Everything Else Without Success"

"Hello I just wanted to take a moment to let you know of my success with Nutrim. I am a 57 y/o female in relatively good health. I inherited High Cholesterol from my Dad.

He was a small man but his cholesterol was always out of sight. He took two Lopid a day for 30 yrs. I know they made him feel bad but we never realized that his Cholesterol meds might be doing this.( he did live to be 90 yrs old) Anyway, I have tried EVERY STATIN there is and they all made me feel SOOOO BAD. I would always have to quit taking them within 3 days or go to the hospital. Bad Bad!!!!

Anyway, I tried controlling the diet, tried Niacin..I had TERRIBLE flushing, tried Flax seed Oil (which I still take but it doesn't touch the cholesterol) tried it all and finally just kinda accepted the fact that there was nothing I could do. Out of desperation one day, I was looking on the internet for something, anything that might help me. My cholesterol levels were only going up as I got older. Then I found Nutrim. I was skeptical at first after all the things I had tried was really a shot in the dark. But I thought, why not? I took two scoops a day for 9 weeks and here are my results.

Total Cholesterol Was 267mg/dL-----NOW 229mg/dL (a drop of 38 points)
Bad Cholesterol Was 184mg/dL-------NOW 135mg/dL (a drop of 49 points)

I can't tell you how surprised and thrilled I was when I got these results. My Cholesterol had been stubbornly at these levels for 9 yrs. I was hoping for maybe a ten point drop in both but never expected anything close to this. I went from having dangerously high cholesterol to levels my doctor would not even consider putting me on medication for. What a relief!!!!

However, my triglycerides are still very high --- 298mg/dL. Good Cholestorol--only 34mg/dL. I am walking, taking Flax seed oil, and watching my carbs and sugars. I tried a med just for triglycerides that was NOT a statin but it made me sick also. So triglycerides will probably be more of a challenge. If you know of ANY natural remedy for them please let me know.

I know this was a long letter but thought you might like to know. I LOVE NUTRIM. Also, I think I have lost a little weight, I feel better, haven't been sick with the flu etc., and have way less food cravings. It is just a wonderful product. Thank you so much. Hope to hear back from you.

I have told a lot of people I work with about Nutrim and what it did for me. There are several that are trying it."

--Deanna B. (Customer Since 2009)

"Dramatic Results...Even My Nurses Wanted to Know What I was Taking."

"My cholesterol went from 264 to 186 in 4 weeks. And because of this I continue to take this in order to help my good cholesterol and I have referred two others to the product and they have also referred others. My doctor stated there was no way that my cholesterol would change until taking it for 4 months and I proved her doctor wrong. All of the nurses wanted to know what I was taking so they could start taking it also."

--Judie C. (Customer Since 2009)

"Cholesterol Went Down 28 Points."

"Thank God! my cholesterol went from 256 down to 228 after finishing a can and 1/2 of my starter kit. Nutrim works for me and I will continue until my cholesterol is below 200."

--Beatriz Q. (Customer Since 2009)

32 Point Drop..."I'll Definitely Keep Taking It!"

"Success story...I went on [Nutrim] 7 months ago. I just went to doctor last month, my cholesterol was down from 242mg/dL to 210mg/dL, sugar was excellent and had lost 6 pounds. I'll be 60 this year and tell everyone about Nutrim. I will definitely keep taking it. Thanks! "

-- Pamela A. (Customer Since 2008)

"I Wanted to Try 4-6 Weeks On My Own."

"My name is George McAdoo, and I have been taking this product since April 13th [2009]. I went to the doctor and my cholesterol was 273mg/dL. He wanted to put me on a statin, which I did not want to take. So, I told him to let me try 4-6 weeks on my own. I ran across Nutrim on the internet. Ordered it. Started taking it. Took it for 4 weeks. My total cholesterol has gotten down to 212mg/dL."

--George M. (Customer Since 2009)

29 Point Drop..."I'm Below the 200 Mark!"

"I have been using Nutrim for several months and I just had my blood work done - and I'm happy to say that my LDL, which is the bad cholesterol dropped from 146 to 117 - now that's real progress, and I won't have to go on medication now. My overall cholesterol is under the 200 mark. Thanks for this great product. "

-- Linda A (Customer Since 2008)

52 Point Drop..."A Huge Blessing to My Career"

"I started using your product at the end of Jan 2009. I eat instant oatmeal, take 1 flaxseed gel cap 1000Mg and 1 baby asprin each morning. 1 take 1 scoop of NUTRIM each evening with water. I have not changed my diet that much and my results have been great!!! I started at 233mg/dL+ with my LDL at 179mg/dL. after 4 months I'm down to 181mg/dL and LDL of 119mg/dL. I have 37 years in the Military and any reading over 200mg/dL is a red flag for deployment and medical screening. This natural product has been a huge blessing to my career. I'm hoping for 150 with LDL <100. Thanks again."

-- Tom C., Hillsborough NJ (Customer Since 2009)

55 Point Drop..."I Was Skeptical and Now I'm A Believer."

"Hello, my name is Mary Lee. I started using Nutrim on March 27, 2009. My total cholesterol was recorded as 221mg/dL and HDL 64mg/dL, LDL 144mg/dL. That's not very good. I had my blood retested on April 13th. And, the numbers were astounding to me and the doctors! The total cholesterol was now 166mg/dL, HDL 59mg/dL, LDL (the "bad stuff") was 89mg/dL. That's 55 point drop over a 23 day period. Some days I had 2 scoops. Some days I had 3. This product has absolutely not taste to bother us. And it doesn't get "gummy." So, I do recommend that you use it. And if you need to you can get your blood retested and see the wonderful results. I was skeptical and now I'm a believer."

-- Mary Lee (Customer Since 2009)

Dedicated After 36 Point Drop.

"I am a faithful user of Nutrim oat bran. My total cholesterol was 240mg/dL when I began using it and now my latest test showed it was 204mg/dL. I highly recommend this product"

-- Mark A., (Customer Since 2009).

Lowered My Cholesterol 76 Points with My First Order.

"I just ordered today another Nutrim because I really think it works for me. My total cholesterol was 300 and in just 4 weeks it lowers down to 224. I think that was a big drop so I will continue to use Nutrim in my diet.

I am working with my doctor and she approves that I can take Nutrim with exercise and low fat diet meal. I do not want to use statins or medication to lower my cholesterol. I recommend everyone to try Nutrim and see for yourself if you want to do it naturally. I will be seeing my doctor in 2 months and hopefully I can lower it more with the help of Nutrim and won't be using any medications that she wants me to take. "

-- Eleanor D., Zionsville, IN (Customer Since 2009).

LDL is 60 Points Lower--"It was Just Miraculous!"

"My LDL bad cholesterol was at 153mg/dl. I started the product. And 4 weeks later I went back to get checked. My LDL had gone from 153mg/dl to 93mg/dl--in only 4 weeks of taking this product. 1 scoop in the morning, and 1 scoop in the evening. It was just miraculous! Thank you so much to Oathealth."

-- A. Cruz-Lopez, Houston, TX. (Customer Since 2009).

Using Nutrim My LDL Went Down to 147 mg/dl and I lost 7 lbs in Just 6 Weeks

"At 6 weeks I just went to a local clinic to check by blood work to personally see if I was going in the right direction with diet and Nutrim and I was so excited. My total had gone from 289 to 232 and LDL from 204 to 147 .... IN JUST 6 WEEKS! My glucose went from 93 fasting to 72. When I called a customer service rep to let them know the good news, they were very gracious and did not want me to give all the credit to Nutrim and asked me what I was diet and Nutrim working together. At this point I had also lost 7-8 lbs.

I was like a kid waiting for Christmas for the 3 month check up. At the 3 mth check up, my doctor was looking at the numbers which went from a total cholesterol of 289 to 218 and the LDL went from 204 to 136. He was going back through my records to see what medication he had put me on and was stunned when he realized I wasn''t taking anything.My doctor said this reduction in my cholesterol in 3 months was just "unheard of." My weight loss at 3 months was 15 lbs--all done (not proud to say) without exercise."

-- Cynthia L., Texas (Customer Since 2008).

In Only 90 Days I Lowered My Cholesterol 45 Points, Without Side Effects, Using Nutrim

"I got the best news today. Three months ago, I started using Nutrim to lower my cholesterol, today I learned that my cholesterol had dropped from 293 to 248. My bad cholesterol dropped also but is still too high. I will keep using Nutrim twice a day until it drops below 200. After that, I will use it once a day. I refuse to take the dangerous drugs my doctor wanted me to take. I am so thankful for the Oathealth Company for making it so easy to reduce my cholesterol, and without side effects."

-- Joni T. Sacramento, California (Customer Since 2008)

Lowered Cholesterol & Controled Hunger Naturally

"I am new to Nutrim but like the way I can incorporate it into soup or smoothies with no change in flavor or texture. I have actually lost a few pounds because it seems to decrease my hunger. I have a high HDL (good cholesterol) and low LDL (bad cholesterol) but hope to lower total cholesterol which is a little high. Over all, I am very pleased with Nutrim and will continue to use it. The service was courteous and quick."

-- Marilyn D. Whitehall, New York (Customer Since 2008)

Lowering Blood Pressure Naturally

"My blood pressure does seem to be lower overall and I do feel better."

-- Phil S. Wichita, Kansas (Customer 2008)

I Naturally Lowered My Cholesterol

"I began using Nutrim because I heard it helped with cholesterol. Each time I've gone to the doctor since I began using Nutrim, my cholesterol has gone down a few points.

Before using Nutrim, my doctor said my cholesterol was close to needing management by medication. But I've never had to take medication since I began incorporating Nutrim into my diet. I just sprinkle it on my breakfast cereal and mix it in yogurt and I never even notice a taste difference."

-- Arlene L., Illinois (Customer Since 2007)

Mixes With Anything

"I've been using this product about 6 months - I go back to my doctor next month. I started using this for my cholesterol. I like the product because I can mix with anything."

-- Sharon H. Poplar Grove, Illinois (Customer Since 2008)

No Taste, and it Mixes Well with Everything

"You know, many others claim their products are tasteless and grit-free, but when you try them you find out something very different. I was really skeptical about Nutrim's claims. But I'm excited to say that it really has no taste whatsoever. What's more, the fine powder mixes really well with all liquids and there is absolutely no grit. What a pleasant surprise!"

-- Karon T., South Carolina (Customer Since 2008)

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