Working with Your Doctor

We encourage our customers to communicate with their doctors. It is important that your primary care physician and your heart specialist are aware of all of the therapies you are utilizing.

Working With Your Doctor— A Healthy Partnership

Your doctor is your partner in treating your high cholesterol. The better you communicate with your doctor, the better you’ll understand and carry out your treatment. This rule also applies to other health professionals who may join your treatment team, such as a dietitian or a physical activity specialist.

Here are some pointers on how to make your partnership work well:

  • Speak up.
  • If you don’t understand something, ask questions.Even if you think you know the answer, ask and be sure youdo. Ask for explanations in simple language.
  • Write it down.
  • Be sure you write down any treatment instructions. If you have trouble hearing, take a friendwith you to the visit.
  • Keep records.
  • Record your test results at each visit.
  • Review your treatment.
  • Use your visit as a chance to go over your treatment plan. Check your goals. Be sure you’re all in agreement over the next steps.
  • Be open.
  • If your doctor or another health professional asks you questions, give full and honest answers.
  • Tell if you’re having trouble following the TLC Program.
  • Changes probably can be made so the program is easier for you to follow.
  • Tell any symptoms or side effects.
  • If something causes a side effect, briefly say what the symptom is, when it started,how often it happens, and if it’s been getting worse.

Tell your doctor about Nutrim

We've made it easy to tell your doctor about Nutrim. Just download our Nutrim Overview guide, print it off and bring it to your next doctor's visit.

Click here to download Nutrim overview to give to your doctor.


Nutrim® Oat ß-Glucan

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    John Lowered is LDL Cholesterol 10% in 30 Days Using His Diet

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    "I began using Nutrim because I heard it helped with cholesterol. Each time I've gone to the doctor since I began using Nutrim, my cholesterol has gone down a few points. Before using Nutrim, my doctor said my cholesterol was close to needing management by medication. But I've never had to take medication since I began incorporating Nutrim into my diet. I just sprinkle it on my breakfast cereal and mix it in yogurt and I never even notice a taste difference."

    Arlene L., Illinois (2007)

  • Guess what!? My cholesterol went from 248 to 195 my trig went from went from 146 to 142 my LDL went from 176 to 129 I have been using OatHealth for 30 days. I will keep taking the powder. thank you for your product...If I go to the gas station or in any store I ask anybody I start to talking to the big question, "HOW IS YOUR CHOLESTEROL?" Then I start to tell them about OATHEALTH and give them your web site. I even carry around my test scores to prove to them how great the product is. I am working for yyou here in Tacoma Washington . Thank you!

    --Eula P. (April 2010 via email)

  • My cholesterol was always in the 180s and then I hit menopause and it jumped to 244. I started on Nutrim, using it periodically but in the last 6 months got serious and dropped 30 points in 6 months. I drink it with juice- one cup of juice with one scoop per day in the morning. Only takes it once per day-I may try the chewable tablets for the second dose. I love it because it is so easy. I take it with juice, my vitamin and a banana. I swear by and now my doctor swears by it.

    --Debra R - November 2011

  • "I am new to Nutrim but like the way I can incorporate it into soup or smoothies with no change in flavor or texture. I have actually lost a few pounds because it seems to decrease my hunger. I have a high HDL (good cholesterol) and low LDL (bad cholesterol) but hope to lower total cholesterol which is a little high. Over all, I am very pleased with Nutrim and will continue to use it. The service was courteous and quick."

    Marilyn D. Whitehall, New York (2008)

  • "I've been using this product about 6 months - I go back to my doctor next month. I started using this for my cholesterol. I like the product because I can mix with anything."

    Sharon H. Poplar Grove, Illinois (2008)

  • "My blood pressure does seem to be lower overall and I do feel better."

    Phil S. Wichita, Kansas (2008)


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