Written by Joe Suppes

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Episode #25, November 6, 2009

Show Notes

Last Weeks’ Challenge:

  • Joe was to get one source of omega 3 every day
  • Consuming Omega 3 appeared harder than it sounded
  • Found fish oil supplements that are also great for your health

Main topic:

  • Joe describes different  food additives and it seems like a science experiment and we are the guinea pigs
  • No one really knows how food chemicals react amongst each other
  • Furthermore, Joe stated that everyone tends to be anti bacterial these days. You need to know that there are many beneficial bacteria out there.

Additional Resources:

One good recent news resource that had good info on some food additives was found on MSN Health News.


Challenge for this week

Become aware of food additives in your food.

Another great resource from Center for Science in the Public Interest


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