Written by Joe Suppes

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Episode #23, October 29, 2009

Show Notes

Main Topic:

  • Find out where we grow our fast food
  • Junk food mainly comes from two sources, Joe provides specifics on the sources
  • Learn about deep fried foods
  • Did you know that the more heat you apply, the more oxidation you produce?

Recent News

Where they grow our junk food

Our reporter went looking for the farms that produce the raw materials for junk food and found that they take up almost half of the cropland in Ontario

Published On Sun Oct 11 2009

By Margaret Webb


Half of cropland in Ontario is corn and soy

Soy is responsible for much of the fat added to diet

corn is responsible for most of the sugar and sweeteners used in the diet

Modern farming not sustainable/ ruins the environment

Disproportionate spending on food and health care

Recent Research

Chemistry of Deep-Fat Frying Oils



Vol. 72, Nr. 5, 2007 JOURNAL OF FOOD SCIENCE

We eat lots of it

it creates toxic chemicals and oxidized fats.

Can also create trans fat

If the oil is not changed out more often even more toxic chemicals can be created

Antioxidants are destroyed

polyunsaturated fats (soy oil) are especially susceptible

higher the heat the fast the oxidation

Doesn’t seem like a big deal until you look at everyday, every food choice we are changing out health giving oils for oils that can diminish health.

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