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Episode #14, August 19th, 2009
Show Notes

Episode #21, October 20, 2009

Show Notes

Main Topic

  • Joe talks about an interesting mix of politics and food
  • Food processing is convenient and cheap

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Recent News

California agribuisness pressures school to nix Michael Pollan lecture

LA Times

Oct 14th 2009

This news speaks to a conversation we’ve been having around here about an imbalance of information.  Money that goes into advertisements and research from large corporations is definitely having effects on our health.

There was a call to have a panel discussion to balance Michael Pollan’s stance but where is the balanced panel discussions when big business is influencing information in our schools, medical system, and TV.

There needs to be voices to bring balance to the information that is having a negative effect on our health.  We are going to have a series of webinars that will cover this issue of imbalance and what do we need to do to bring balance.

Michael Pollan’s new book In Defense of Food: An Eater’s Manifesto speaks to the issue of how much food is in your food.  He is also featured on the new movie Food inc that speaks to many issues from politics to food processing that are negatively affecting our health.

A NY Times article covered some of Pollan’s favorite food rules.  My favorite was the last one about, “It is better to pay the grocer than the doctor”

How True

Recent Research

Can listening to a podcast lead to weight loss



Oct 16th 2009

We have tried to develop a podcast where we can give practical step by step advice with clear goals every week.

I listened to a sample of the podcast they used and it sounds like there are some good similarities to what we do here.  They gave tips, resources and specific goals.   The podcast had a very personal feel and gave some practical insights.

In the upcoming webinar and podcast we will continue to define the long term health goals we are trying to achieve.

Pounds off Digitally Studied

A randomized podcasting weight-loss intervention

American Journal of Preventative Medicine



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