Written by Joe Suppes

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Episode #20, October 15, 2009

Show Notes

Last week’s Challenge

  • Awareness of halloween candy
  • See how much sugar is added in average pops per day, sugary snacks, and stuff you didn’t realize was full of sugar

Main Topic

  • Nutrients removed during processing
  • Joe and Kathy spent a lot of time talking about the nutrients that are removed from food during processing and so they thought it was time to talk about what these nutrients do for our body
  • Especially they focus in on what these nutrients do for the heart

Next Week’s Challenge

  • Try and eat natural foods
  • Avoid processed foods/ foods with synthetic material

Additional Information:

List of nutrients removed or destroyed during food processing

  • refining of grains  (B vitamins and minerals)
  • refining of sugars (minerals)
  • refining of oils (fat soluble vitamins, essential fats)
  • heat processing (vitamins, antioxidants)
  • light damage  (antioxidants, vitamins)
  • oxygen  (antioxidants)

Nutrients are sometimes affected by synthetic chemicals added to processed food (ex. B6 and yellow dye #5)

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