Written by Joe Suppes

Nutrim isn’t the only natural supplement I work with.  In fact, right now, I’m helping with a great joint and bone health supplement that’s getting ready to face bigger markets.  Working with this supplement has sort of given me another view of aging.  It’s primarily for people facing cartilage deterioration…and many of these people, oddly enough, are in the same age group as people who are fighting high cholesterol.  Coincidence?  Nope.

Both arthritis and heart health are part of aging.  Some people just have more problems with them (one, the other, or both) than others.

This brings up another point:  many people who should get more exercise do not, and often blame it on joint stiffness or discomfort.

Don’t do that, please.  Please.  For me?  Because physical activity has more benefits than just raising your heart rate and possibly shaving off some pounds.  Using your joints more can actually improve mobility.  Light, simple exercise like walking or swimming each day can make a huge difference.  Don’t just dive into it, especially not if you’re worried about joint pain.  Ease into it, build up to it.  When you go out to get the mail, maybe walk to the end of your block and back, or do some extra walking at the mall when you’ve finished your shopping.  It doesn’t have to be anything too awful special or extravagant.  Every little bit helps.  I often have knee stiffness or pain of my own, and I still really enjoy going for walks (plus, my dog would never forgive me if I started ignoring her!).

Another issues many people attribute their lack of activity to are breathing problems.  As a life-long asthma sufferer, I can understand where this can be a big problem.  If the humidity level is too high, even walking slowly can feel like a marathon!  However, the only way to improve your respiratory health is to work up slowly and get to a level that you feel both comfortable and successful with.

Of course, there are cases when exercise isn’t the answer, but those are rare.  If your doctor recommends you avoid activity, don’t listen to me.  HOWEVER, I know that does not apply to most people.  So, get out there.  Get active.  Don’t let your wheezing or creaking scare you away from those long walks or tennis games.  The activity that’s good for your heart should help you cope with those, too!

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