The Mediterranean Diet Breaks Through Genetic Risk Factor

The merits of the Mediterranean Diet have been heralded fairly consistently since the initial reports about it were released.  The collection of nuts, seeds, whole grains, fish, olive oil, and other healthy foods trumps the standard American diet.  Now it seems to trump something else:  genetics.

Breaking Genetic Rules

Genes tend to be a fairly important part of our risk factors, right?  If your family has a hereditary likelihood of having heart disease, you’re doomed…correct?  Well, the Mediterranean Diet is testing those concepts.  Apparently, scientists are saying this diet is going fist-to-fist with the idea that your genes dictate your risk.

What Does This Mean?

Well, for one, it puts accountability back into our hands.  This study proves that not everything is outside of our reach, including heart health.  The study clearly states that the closer a patient’s diet was to the Mediterranean Diet, the more likelihood there was to challenge the predisposition towards heart disease.  Putting it plainly, there are ways for us to prevent heart disease despite our family history.

You Can Be in Control

The Mediterranean Diet shows that there’s hope for people with a family history of heart disease.  There is not magical cure to most of life’s health problems, but eating right and taking proper care of yourself can definitely make a huge difference.  If a good diet can challenge the potency of genetics, then everyone has some chance for a healthier heart.

To view the American Heart Association’s explanation of the study, click here.