Nutrim® Oat ß-Glucan Super-Food

Nutrim 30 servings of oats to lower cholesterol

Nutrim 30 Serving Canister

The Power of Oats- Unleashed

Nutrim ß-glucans help to flush out cholesterol from the diet and cholesterol from the body.

With over 50 years of research, oats and oat beta glucans are a sure way to enhance your Therapeutic Lifestyle changes. Nutrim's patented processing makes it easy to get more oat benefits while adding a creamy texture to your favorite foods and beverages.

The patented process developed by Dr. Inglett optimizes Nutrim's effectiveness by optimizing its viscosity. More concentrated and optimized, that is the Nutrim advantage.

Nutrim's patented, all natural processing qualifies it for the FDA heart health claim. Many oat beta glucan competitors do not qualify for the FDA heart health claim based on processing or lack of beta glucan concentration. Nutrim's patented, all natural process not only ensures that we can make the FDA heart health claim, but it can also ensures that you are getting a safe, all natural product.

We recommend one scoop in the morning and one scoop in the evening. If you follow the recommended amount a 30 serving canister will last you 15 days.

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First Time Customer? Get Started with Nutrim

Achieve lower cholesterol with Nutrim Starter Kit

Nutrim Success Kit

Kit Includes: 2 Canisters, Lower Cholesterol Naturally: 30 Day Guide to Success & Blender Bottle

Nutrim Success Kit is designed specifically to put all the information about using oats to lower cholesterol naturally in one place.

Take the first step to lowering your cholesterol naturally today. Order a Nutrim Success--includes Lower Cholesterol Naturally Guide & free shipping--and watch the power of beta-glucans go to work for you!

We recommend one scoop in the morning and one scoop in the evening. If you follow the recommended amount a Success Kit is a one month's supply.

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Advanced Nutrim Users

Cholesterol-lowering oats in food with Nutrim 120

Nutrim 120 Serving Canister

900 Gram Canister for Advanced User

If you are looking to boost or accelerate the effects of Nutrim than the 120 serving canister may be right for you. Perfect for advanced users, who are looking to maximize the benefits Nutrim can offer for cholesterol, blood sugar, digestive health, weight management and immune health. Nutrim has shown to be without side effects even at levels of 8 scoops per day.

We recommend 8 scoops a day for advanced users.

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Additional Products

FruiteX B

FruiteX B

Keep Moving at the Speed of Life

Give your joints the support they need and can help them feel better in as little as 7 days. Poor diet can leave your body sorely lacking in a key element that helps maintain joint flexibility. The key element is found in a one-of-a-kind , patented compound called “calcium fructoborate”, or FruiteX-B®. At the center of this compound is one of the greatest nutrient deficiencies in our soil, boron. Countries with the greatest soil deficiencies in boron have some of the greatest joint issues. FruiteX-B® supplies a form of boron that is found abundantly in nutrient dense fruits and nuts. FruiteX-B® has been shown to support antioxidant pathways that are important for joint protection and health. Research has shown that those who take just one capsule of FruiteX-B® a day experience joint relief and are able to better do the task that get them back into life.

Other Ingredients:  Organic Arrowroot, Gelatin, and Titanium Dioxide. 

Servings: 120 servings per bottle.  Recommended 2 capsules per day. 

Organic Greens Smoothie Powder

Organic Greens
Smoothie Powder

The Nutrient Essence of a Fruit and Veggie Rainbow

Jam-Packed with Powerful Greens. Ultimate Greens Smoothie Powder provides whole body health in 40 fruits, vegetables and sprouts + Nutrim.

Your body will thank you for all the benefits:

  • A Rainbow of Antioxidant protectors
  • Non-GMO
A Rainbow of Phytonutrients!

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Product Details Nutrim 30 servings of oats to lower cholesterol
26 oz. Blender Bottle to mix Nutrim

20oz. Blender Bottle

Great for: nutrition shakes and drinks; salad dressings; pancake batter; yogurt smoothies; french toast; lump-free gravy; scrambled eggs; pudding; omelets; water.

Easy-to-use non-electric mixer. Simple is better in this case. No batteries or electricity means portability and dependability. Use it in the kitchen, at the office, at the gym, when you travel, or on the go. Did we mention it also makes a great water bottle? Now you can make great-tasting Nutrim drink anytime, anywhere.

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Cholesterol Test Kit

Cholesterol Panel Test Kit

Advantages of Home Access Health System:

The CheckUp America Cholesterol Panel is an FDA cleared, mail-in fingerstick test that screens for cholesterol levels, brought to you by the American Diabetes Association in cooperation with Home Access Health Corporation

The Home Access Health System cholesterol test is convenient and easy to use. All in two easy steps. Collect your sample and then mail your sample, we'll take care of the rest. We will test your sample and get you results within 5 business days. Results are available either by U.S. Mail or through our Secure Website. Policies and Procedures of Home Access conform to HIPAA guidelines for confidentiality.

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Add to Cart Product Details Nutrim 30 servings of oats to lower cholesterol
90 day

90 Day Guarantee

Nutrim has helped so many, but you want a guarantee that it will work for you. We give you a full 90 day money back guarantee to make sure the product is exactly what you want. If you are not satified for any reason give us a call and receive a full, 100% money back guarantee.

Customer Feedback

Since every person is different, results will vary.

 I have been using Nutrim for 30 days now. I was skeptical but today learned how well your product works. Before Nutrim---Total cholesterol: 256, LDL: 172, HDL 66, Trigs: 91. After 30 days using Nutrim---Total: 207, LDL: 131, HDL: 60, Trigs: 81. Amazing that it works this well. 

-- T.D. W. - Aug 2014

 I had my blood drawn in September and my cholesterol had jumped to 240. I was very upset about that. I've been on Nutrim 2 scoops a day since September. I had my blood drawn in February and my total cholesterol dropped to 210 so I was totally happy. My LDL dropped as well. It was like 130 and now it's 100. So my doctor is very happy and I am very happy. Thanks to Nutrim. 

-- Janine B. - April 2013

 Nutrim has been wonderful for me. I am happy to say that my cholesterol has dropped from 232 to 180 in a period of 3 months time. I also dropped some weight; I dropped about 20 pounds. I have referred this to several people who are now taking it and having good results. So just wanted to let you know it's a great product. Just glad I found out about it. Thank you. 

-- Betty B. - August 2012

 My cholesterol was always in the 180s and then I hit menopause and it jumped to 244. I started on Nutrim, using it periodically but in the last 6 months got serious and dropped 30 points in 6 months. I drink it with juice- one cup of juice with one scoop per day in the morning. Only takes it once per day-I may try the chewable tablets for the second dose. I love it because it is so easy. I take it with juice, my vitamin and a banana. I swear by and now my doctor swears by it. 

-- Debra R - November 2011

 My Total Cholesterol went from 222 to 197, and my LDL went from 114 to 87, my triglycerides went from 56 to 66 but they are still in normal range. I mix the Nutrim with my yogurt and scrambled eggs. I also have been eating grapefruit, drinking almond milk and have been exercising. My heart raced when I was on the statin drugs and I donít want to take them anymore. 

-- Judy P May, 2011

 I loved the taste of Nutrim-I took it twice a day in my water bottle and really enjoyed it. My results were great:
Total Cholesterol Before: 234 After: 154
LDL: 156 After: 75
HDL: 67 After: 63
Triglycerides: 124 After: 78
I also exercised and ate other cholesterol lowering foods like greek yogurt. 

-- Judy J March 2011

 At 6 weeks I just went to a local clinic to check by blood work to personally see if I was going in the right direction with diet and Nutrim and I was so excited. My total had gone from 289 to 232 and LDL from 204 to 147 .... IN JUST 6 WEEKS!

My glucose went from 93 fasting to 72. When I called a customer service rep to let them know the good news, they were very gracious and did not want me to give all the credit to Nutrim and asked me what I was diet and Nutrim working together. At this point I had also lost 7-8 lbs 

-- Cynthia L., Texas (2008)

 You know, many others claim their products are tasteless and grit-free, but when you try them you find out something very different. I was really skeptical about Nutrim's claims. But I'm excited to say that it really has no taste whatsoever. What's more, the fine powder mixes really well with all liquids and there is absolutely no grit. What a pleasant

-- Karon T., South Carolina (2008)

 I began using Nutrim because I heard it helped with cholesterol. Each time I've gone to the doctor since I began using Nutrim, my cholesterol has gone down a few points.

Before using Nutrim, my doctor said my cholesterol was close to needing management by medication. But I've never had to take medication since I began incorporating Nutrim into my diet. I just sprinkle it on my breakfast cereal and mix it in yogurt and I never even notice a taste difference. 

-- Arlene L., Illinois (2007)