Concentrated Oat Beta-Glucans Lower Serum Cholesterol in Adults


The research study investigated the physiological effects of concentrated beta-glucans on cardiovascular disease in human subjects. Beta-glucans were compared with inulin (a form of soluble fiber) and guar gum (water-solube fiber from guar bean). Intestinal fermentability was measured in a model to test whether beta-glucans produced a higher butyrate, or waste product of fiber to aide in healthy colon production.


University of Minnesota, Department of Food Science & Nutrition


Nutrition Journal, March 2007


Katie M. Queenan, Maria L. Stewart, Kristen N. Smith, William Thomas, R. Gary Fulcher, and Joanne L. Slavin


75 hypercholesterolemic men and women were assigned two treatments. The treatments were assigned randomly. The participants received either 6 grams of concentrated oats per day, or 6 grams of dextrose. The dextrose recipients were a control group (i.e. not given an actual treatment to measure a meaningful difference). During the treatment blood samples were taken at the 3rd and 6th weeks. At each blood test total cholesterol, HDL (high density lipoproteins), LDL (low density lipoproteins), triglycerides, glucose, insulin were measured.


Six grams of concentrated oat beta-glucans per day reduced total and LDL cholesterol over 6 weeks. Oat beta-glucans created a significant reduction in total cholesterol. 11ml/dl was the total cholesterol reduction. In addition, LDL cholesterol was reduced by 11ml/ld. The LDL cholesterol reduction was significantly greater than the untreated group (control).


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