Written by Joe Suppes

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Episode #9, July 21st, 2009

Show Notes

Weekly Health Challenge

  • Matt and Joe encourage you to participate in small weekly personal challenges to become more aware and take small steps to improve your dietary habits.
  • They’ll challenge you to take one new step each week. Not just that they will take the challenge themselves each week.
  • Matt and Joe will report how they did with each challenge. You can learn along with them as they experience their own successes and failures

Challenge #4: Become Aware of How Much Exercise You Get

  • High-impact, strenuous workouts aren’t the only type of exercise
  • Everyday activities can actually be very effective
    • If you are moving your extremities, your body is benefiting from it
  • Most experts suggest 30 minutes of moderate exercise a day
    • This exercise can be done through activities you wouldn’t expect

Main Topic:

“Exercising for a Health Heart”

  • Physical activity is a must for just about anyone at high risk for heart disease
  • It helps manage weight, which helps to reduce risks
  • Has plenty of unexpected benefits within your day-to-day life

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