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Episode #8, July 7th, 2009

Show Notes


  • “Have You Had your Collagen Marshmallows Today?
    • Source:
      • The Wall Street Journal Tues June 16th 2009


Main Topic:

“What does the most authoritative document of the government say about approaching high cholesterol?”

  • The ATP III ( Adult treatment panel III) established by the National Cholesterol Education Program is the most authoritative document for approaches to high cholesterol.
  • What is in this document is often different from the advice given by doctors and other health care professionals
  • Lifestyle changes are rarely suggested by professionals
  • Many are very willing to prescribe cholesterol-lowering drugs before suggesting lifestyle and diet changes

Weekly Health Challenge

  • Matt and Joe encourage you to participate in small weekly personal challenges to become more aware and take small steps to improve your dietary habits.
  • They’ll challenge you to take one new step each week. Not just that they will take the challenge themselves each week.
  • Matt and Joe will report how they did with each challenge. You can learn along with them as they experience their own successes and failures

Challenge #3: Become Aware of Fiber in Your Diet

  • Fiber is necessary in any healthy diet
  • Why focus on this?
    • Fiber, especially soluble fiber, is essential to leading a heart-healthy lifestyle
  • Where is it found:
    • Fruits, vegetables, nuts, seeds, whole-grain products

Weekly Health Challenge Naming Contest:

We need your help! Think of a catchy name for the “Weekly Health Challenge” segment of our show. Keep in mind the name should capture the idea that improving your health is about doing one step at a time.

Submit your best idea below by using the comment form. Leave your name and email. We’ll pick the one that best depicks our goals for the challenge. If we pick your idea as the winner, we’ll send you 4 22 Serving Canisters of Nutrim for free.

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