Written by Joe Suppes

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Episode #6, June 28, 2009

Show Notes



Main Topic:

“First Steps Are Simpler Than You Think, Taken One Step at A Time”

  • Insight into what role we play in our own health
  • How to begin to bring awareness to the negative choices we make each day
  • Take a single step to start getting healthier, don’t worry about achieving the goal perfectly for now
  • Get long-term, permanent change by focusing on short-term consistency
  • Achieve long-term change, by focusing only on a step-by-step approach, don’t obsess about the big picture for now.

Weekly Health Challenge

  • Matt and Joe encourage you to participate in small weekly personal challenges to become more aware and take small steps to improve your dietary habits.
  • They’ll challenge you to take one new step each week. Not just that they will take the challenge themselves each week.
  • Matt and Joe will report how they did with each challenge. You can learn along with them as they experience their own successes and failures

Challenge #1: Become Aware of Refined Flour in Your Diet

  • We are constantly bombarded with this one ingredient and it has been modified in such a way to where most of the beneficial nutrients have been taken out.  What your left with is a high glycemic calories.
  • Why start here?
    • It seems to be the food we eat the most in America and making modifications to this one food can have exponential repercussions for our health.
  • Where is it found:
    • breads, rolls, crackers, cookies, biscuits, cakes, pretzels, doughnuts, muffins, pancakes, noodles, and other foods as a thickener.

Weekly Health Challenge Naming Contest:

We need your help! Think of a catchy name for the “Weekly Health Challenge” segment of our show. Keep in mind the name should capture the idea that improving your health is about doing one step at a time.

Submit your best idea below by using the comment form. Leave your name and email. We’ll pick the one that best depicks our goals for the challenge. If we pick your idea as the winner, we’ll send you 4 22 Serving Canisters of Nutrim for free.

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