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Episode #14, August 19th, 2009
Show Notes

Episode #17, October 1st, 2009

Show Notes

In today’s show, Joe talks about smoking bans and how they bring a drop in heart attacks. Very important topic, make sure you do not miss it.

Healthday Tuesday Sept 22, 2009


 Study on smoking ban and its effect on health

  • Total of 24 studies from US, Canada, and Europe
  • One of the studies included a population of 22 million
  • One of two studies reported a 25% reduction in heart attacks on average.  The reductions increased the longer the ban was in effect.
  • The other study reported an average of 17% drop in heart attack rates after one year of the smoking ban.  The rate of heart attack decreased to 36% on average when the ban was in place for 3 years.
  • After a ban on smoking was lifter, many places returned to the previous level of heart attacks
  • Smoking also reduces the amount of HDL cholesterol, which is the good cholesterol and Smoking doubles the risk of heart attack


Mediterranean Diet Might Delay Need for Drugs in Diabetes

Medscape Sept 10th 2009


Joe also mentions a wonderful Meditteranean diet. While on Meditteranean diet- only 44% of newly diagnosed patients needed medication after four year follow-up compared to 70% of low fat group. Also, eating whole grain foods and getting fats from better sources, such as olive oil, greatly increase health benefits.

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