Written by Joe Suppes

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Episode #16, September 29th, 2009

Show Notes

Last Week Challenge:

After trying last week’s challenge,  Joe said it was quite hard to stay away from refined flour. Tune in and find out for how long Joe was able to restrict himself from refined flour and what types of food have it.

Main topic: Smoking

Everyone wants you to stop smoking

  • Your loved ones, your friends, the payer of your health insurance policy, Health agencies, the government and so on.

Here are the reasons why we want you to quit smoking, or help someone who you know is a smoker

Joe’s long list (drumrole please)

  • Lung cancer is the #1 killing cancer, 80-90% of lung cancer deaths can be contributed to smoking
  • Smoking also contributes to other forms of cancer
  • Believed to increase risk for pancreatic cancer
  • Toxins in the blood from smoking contribute to the hardening of the arteries (atherosclerosis)
  • Smoking increases your risk for heart disease and stroke (risk decrease when you stop smoking)
  • promotes insulin resistance (Syndrome X/Metabolic syndrome)
  • increases risk of bleeding in the brain (study showed that those who stopped smoking were at no increased risk)
  • Increased risk of blindness
  • Increase occurance of ED among smokers
  • Increases chance that children will smoke


Here is what Joe found for you as useful resources about smoking

Health.com 97 reasons to quit smoking


  • We originally were sold that smoking was o.k.
  • they used the medical profession so we would think it was safe
  • they used athletes and movie stars so we would think it was popular


  • many campaigns have been targeted at young people
  • over 599 additives can be added to cigarettes


  • Once the cigarette is lit and the ingredients are burned it can create 4000 chemicals. Isn’t this amazing.
  • Some of the additives to cigarettes increase their addictive properties
  • Some additives are added to make smoking more enjoyable.  That sounds alright, but it is really covering up how harsh smoking actually is on the body.


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