Written by Joe Suppes

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Episode #15, September  22nd, 2009

Show Notes

Last week challenge

Joe recommended to buy no trans fat in any packaged food with a label.

This challenge was to get rid of the sources of trans fat that are easiest to avoid, the ones that were shown on the label.

We eat many sources of trans fat that are hiding in the food.

  • It will take a little more detective work to find out if you are getting trans fat in your food when you eat out.
  • It may be a good idea to check with any place you eat out at regularly to see if they are trans fat free.
  • With all the cities banning trans fat and the increased awareness about trans fat the places you eat should have any easy answer for this question.

Main Topics: Whole Grain

Kathie, one of our guests, and Joe, provide information on refined and whole grain. Tune in and find out why it is so important to eat whole grain food.

How do we find them.

  • If you eat out consider any grain product you eat to have refined grains.
  • On the ingredient label look for whole grains
  • Once again the front may say made with whole grains, but we are looking for 100% whole grains so look to the ingredient label.
  • Food types
  • Pasta, bread, rice, bagel, muffin, pancakes, crackers, pita, tortillas, pretzels, cereal, breading, pizza crust, cookies and desserts, etc.
  • You probably will not find a whole grain donut

Nutrients removed (fiber 70%, b vitamins 80-90% of some, minerals-magnesium)

This weeks challenge

Switch grains to whole grains.  Just these three categories.

Regular bread to whole grain

Regular pasta to whole grain

White rice to brown rice

4 out of 7 days eat no refined grains.  You have 3 days to prepare.  Allow for one cheat in the 4 days.

At least no one has tried to convince us that the refined choice here is healthier (like they did with trans fat)

Nevertheless grains make up a large part of the diet and most of the grains we eat are refined.

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