Oathealth Podcast Episode 32

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Episode #32, January 14, 2010

Show Notes:


  • Joe is describing that blood sugar is one of the biggest concerns in our country
  • Sugars are believed to lead to obesity and many other problems
  • Joe also describes what Syndrome X or Metabolic Syndrome is and how many Americans are believed to have it

This Week’s Challenge:

  • For this weeks challenge Joe is suggesting you try and limit your sweetened beverages to one a day
  • Many of us would have to do some work to achieve this challenge
  • Joe believes that limiting sugars daily is totally worth our time to help our health

Examples of Sweetened Beevrages:

  •  Soft Drinks
  • Juices with added sugar
  • Teac with added sugar
  • Smoothies with added sugar and much more