Written by Joe Suppes

Know Your Blood-Flow

Atherosclerosis can narrow arteries and decrease blood supply to just about any part of the body.  The plaque of atherosclerosis can also become unstable and burst, causing a complete loss of blood to an area.  A loss of blood to the area can cause major damage or even cell death.  While you really don’t want this in any part of your body, there are a few parts to be especially worried about.

Cholesterol Can Hurt More Than Your Heart

When this loss of blood flow happens in the brain it is called a stroke or TIA.  Strokes can cause sudden death.  They can also leave someone mentally or physically impaired.   In the heart, loss of blood-flow can cause a heart attack.  This can also cause sudden death or loss of strength to the heart.  The loss of function in the heart is known as heart failure, which is a debilitating disease that is on the rise. 

Low Cholesterol Helps Your Whole Body

Atherosclerosis can also cause a decrease in blood flow to the legs.  This is known as peripheral artery disease.  This can cause pain and fatigue in the legs that increases with activity.  Atherosclerosis can also cause kidney failure and erectile dysfunction.  Obviously, this disease is one to avoid.  What many people don’t realize is that prevention of severe cases is very possible.  By following a low-cholesterol, heart-healthy lifestyle from a responsible age, atherosclerosis can be avoided.

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