Written by Joe Suppes

Complicated Diets Shackle You to Self-Defeating Mindsets

If you’re like just about everyone else, you look at health like an all-or-nothing, gigantic goal that’s unattainable. It’s overwhelming so you don’t even start. I know because I feel that way a lot of times. It’s a self-defeating mindset though. Long-term health is negatively affected because it seems to hard to do anything about it short-term.

Carrying Health Baggage From The Last Diet You Tried.

I don’t blame you for thinking this way. There’s lots of noisy information out there. It’s hard know what to do short-term. Plus, you may have already tried something for a few weeks and failed. We all carry a little tried-everything-already “health baggage” around.

Simple Day-to-Day Decisions Make You Healthier, Not a Grand Scheme

In reality, long-term health can only be achieved through a simple short-term approach. It’s truly more about the nuances of what you eat, or what you do. It’s not about any grand scheme or plan of perfection.

Improving your health is in the margins: it’s achieved through small steps. You can just start building each step one after the other.

2 Cunningly Simple Approaches to Flip Your Notions of Health on Their Head:

  • One, learn just a little about the health benefits of the basic components of food (you can do this on the mypyramid.gov website in about 20 mins).
  • Two, adopt a strategy of making decisions before you have to (when you go into a restaurant decide what foods you can eat before you look at the menu.).

What Will You Say Immediately After You Get a Few Nutrition Habits Under Your Belt?

I hear the same response, “I feel like I woke up from a sleep”, right after people start adopting simple nutrition habits. Doing basic stuff like getting enough water all-day, every-day; avoiding foods high in sugar; lowering fat content; and, getting exercise leads to a result you can feel really fast–usually in a week or so.

Suddenly you have energy all day. You have stamina to get through the day and enjoy. Seemingly out of the blue you start loosing weight. It’s like you just woke up and realized there’s this whole other life they could be living–an “awake life” (higher energy, lower weight) and the “sleeping life” (no energy, crash-craving cycle, defeat and depression).

I think there’s two things that astonish people after they start improving their health one simple step at a time:

  • They didn’t even know they were sleeping health-wise
  • They didn’t realize they didn’t realize the impact small, everyday decisions where having on their life (good or bad).

So, pick 1-2 things you can start doing for the next week to improve your health. Don’t worry about what you’re not doing. Just master a few things. When you’re ready you can move on to doing 2 more things. You’ll know you’re ready for the next steps because you’ll either be bored or confident. Either once you approach the next step you won’t have to spend you effort juggle all the new habits at once.

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